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    Pinzhi Base

    Pinzhi Base operates two online portals: National Modern Hospital Management Online College and National Continuing Medical Education Platform. Authorized by Capacity Building and Continuing Education Centre of National Health Commission, it founded two sub-bases as Modern Hospital Management Research (Shanghai) Centre and Continuous Professional Development Research (Shanghai) Centre to offer off-line consultation, explore medical training and talent cultivation mode, and develop practical cases.

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    International Insights

    Through long-term cooperation with Charité University Hospital Berlin, VAMED, KPMG, and over 50 top universities, Pinzhi specializes in integrating overseas technology, cases, projects, and mode for continuous capacity building with the existing resources in clinical practice and hospital management. Our aim is to build the medical talent training system and contribute to the national healthcare reform.

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    Project Consulting

    Having adapted the experience of prominent project management and service to meet the special demand of China, Pinzhi excels at providing professional and detailed consultation for medical institutions in areas like planning, construction, management and value assessment.

    • Medical Project Management

    • Hospital Asset Assessment

    • Medical Tourism

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